Xiaomi Intelligente BirneWei LED

$ 32.99


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  • ︎ INCREASE HOME SECURITY: Turn devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home while you are away.
  • ︎ MULTICOLOR LED BULB: Change the color of your lights to the color of your mood. With our FREE app you can control all your Mimoodz lights with your smart phone or Amazon Echo. It gives you full control of your lights at home - you can dim them down, change the color, and easily create different moods with a click on the app!
  • ︎ CONTROL YOUR LIGHTS FROM ANYWHERE: Download our free mimoodz wifi app and control your lights with your smartphone. (Android 4.1 or higher / iOS 8 or higher)
  • ︎ DIM BRIGHTNESS AND FINE TUNE COLORS: Adjust the light bulbs a