Red and Green Firefly Laser Light

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Vendor: trend-matters

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Product:SM-01 Red and Green Firefly Laser Light
Scan System:high speed step motor drive and grating scan
Laser Color:【Red】 【Green】【Yellow】
Laser Power :[Red Laser]: 80mw [Green Laser]: 30mw
Wavelength :【Red Laser】: 650nm 【Green Laser】: 532mw
Modulation :0~20KHz TTL Modulation
Control Mode :Sound Active, Automatic, Remote Control
Demo Effect :RGY laser dots are controlled by the movement track and speed to create more millions of laser dots by impinging against to each other so that it looks like the fireworks effect.
Safety Capacity :Sound active mode with the function of shut-off if there is no music. Safer to human and environment
Laser Class :3A
Work Enviroment:10-35℃ Indoor
Power Supply:DC 5v 50-60HZ
Rating Power :5W
Cooling System :Air cooling
Product Size :120*91*50mm
Net Weight :0.5kg
Work Place :Disco, KTV room, Bars, Clubs, Family party etc.