Propeller-powered paper planes

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Vendor: trend-matters

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  • Get acquainted with the next generation of the classic paper plane with these 'turbo charged' electric paper planes!
  • This pack features plane templates and an electric powered propeller that attaches to the front of your paper planes (and is easily rechargable, every throw)!
  • These planes will captivate you and your kids as they soar through the sky before gliding safely back to the ground.
  • Needs only 20 seconds to recharge on the charger pack before it's ready to take off again.
  • And the best part? No need to worry about damaging the plane - to create a new one, simply fold another one using standard A4 paper following the easy folding instructions included. Too easy!
  • Fun gift idea for kids and big kids alike.
  • Great way for kids to learn about flight and aerodynamics.
  • Comes with two ready-to-fold paper templates, so you can get flying immediatel
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