10pcs Kabuki-Style Makeup Brush Set

$ 24.99

Vendor: Living Merchants


  • Protect your skin during application with the soft, silky material of the brushes
  • Suitable for anyone from beginners to professional makeup artists
  • Non-porous bristles evenly and easily apply powder, cream, and liquid products
  • Features a handmade solid wood handle and metal ferrule
  • Contents:
    • Round blending face brush: Powder foundation
    • Angled blending face brush: Foundation around the nose and mouth
    • Tapered contouring face brush: Conceal around the eyes and nose
    • Angled contouring face brush: Blush and bronzer
    • Small tapered contouring face brush: Conceal on rounded areas such as the nose
    • Small flat blending face brush: Conceal under the eyes and around the nose
    • Small round blending face brush: Eye shadow and primer
    • Small angled contouring face brush: Contouring hollows of cheek and sides of nose
    • Small angled blending face brush: Stipple conceal and blemishes
  • Color: Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Peach